Devonwho will soon release a massive 42-track instrumental beat tape called Betaloops, available onLeaving Records.

Devonwho is a Los Angeles-based producer and part of the Leaving Records family, having released his Luz LP last year. He’s also part of the Klipmode Collective, which gave rise to fellow L.A producers like Knxwledge, MNDSGN, and Suzi Analogue.

On November 10, Devonwho drops his latest creation, a massive 42-track instrumental beat tape called Betaloops. These beats were made by Devon from 2014-2017 using DSI Prophet 08 and Roland GAIA.

Betaloops is a sketchbook of beats, ideas, and near completed experiments that pushed the boundaries and show what happens when you just let it ride. Bite-sized and easy to digest, Beatloops fits snuggly within Devonwho’s discography of smoothed out, experimental funk, and hip-hop.

Devon had this to say on the release:

“These were just tracks I made while living in both San Francisco and Los Angeles during 2014-2017, and transitioning to LA life. Bits and pieces that never turned into full songs, but a part of me and my growth that I wanted to share.”

Betaloops will land on November 10 via Leaving Records, with a stream below.