In the summer of last year, Bay Area producer Devonwho self-released two collections of original beats under the title Perfect Strangers, while also offering a free track from both Volume One and Volume Two here on XLR8R. Now, each installment of the series is set to be repackaged along with a handful of new remixes for an upcoming digital and cassette release via Portland label Dropping Gems. The reconfigured, 19-track Perfect Strangers album will include all the woozy Devonwho beats featured on the original, self-released EPs, with the added bonus of new remixes from the likes of Benito, M. Constant, and Citymouth, among others. The full Perfect Strangers collection is set to drop in its new forms on August 13, but before then, its artwork and tracklist are included below. (via Resident Advisor)

01 fronteras
02 taurus/shorty
03 ghost
04 slices
05 wilts
06 reds/blues
07 makinglists
08 pretendingtowalkslow feat. Zeroh
09 radarrr
10 cabbages feat. Swarvy
11 ghostpt2
12 shine feat. Teeko
13 gardeninginbed
14 taurus/shorty (Hobbess Remix)
15 fronteras (Benito Remix)
16 pretendingtowalkslow feat. Zeroh (M. Constant Remix)
17 taurus/shorty (Northern Draw Remix)
18 ghostpt2 (Denley Remix)
19 shine feat. Teeko (Citymouth Remix)