Cure Music‘s next release comes in the shape of a reissue of American tech-house duo Omni A.M. featuring remixes from DeWalta & Shannon and Spacetravel.

Coming up in Chicago, Omni A.M. relocated to New York where they refined their uncompromising style of psychedelic dance music. “Smurfette’s Big Night,” ridiculous title and all, appeared on the group’s 2000 EP, New York Sessions—the first in a string of critically acclaimed underground classics recorded in their brief but prolific time in the city.

This rare and much-coveted track has finally been remastered and released with new remixes by Spacetravel and DeWalta & Shannon.


A. Smurfette’s Big Night (Original Mix)
B1. Smurfette’s Big Night (DeWalta & Shannon Remix)
B2. Smurfette’s Big Night (Spacetravel Remix)

Smurfette’s Big Night EP is scheduled for early June release, with clips streamable below.

For more information on Omni A.M., read our feature here.