Furthering its quest to find the most compelling dance music overseas and bring it Stateside, DFA Records offshoot imprint Death From Abroad now turns to Berlin-based Supersoul Recordings, with a two-disc compilation showcasing that label’s finest cuts.

Supersoul founder Xaver Naudascher, along with producer Paul Mogg, Terranova, Strangelets, and others contributed material to the release, which is not only a very danceable one, but also a fairly comprehensive sampler of how many genres exist within this label’s discography. Techno, acid-house, Krautrock, electro, and others make up the 19 tracks here, and if your ass isn’t shaking when the comp’s September 2 release date rolls around, it could be that you just don’t care for dance music.

Disc One
01 Xaver Naudascher “Lost”
02 Mogg & Naudascher “Moon Unit Pt. 2
03 Mogg & Naudascher “Moon Unit Pt. 1
04 Walter Jones “Deuteronomy Brown (I-f Edit)”
05 Plastique De Reve “Resist feat. Radical Cheerleaders”
06 Strangelets “Riot On Planet 10”
07 Xaver Naudascher “Afterlife”
08 Max Brannslokker “Stropharia”
09 Walter Jones “The Odyssey Sound (Mogg & Naudascher Edit)”

Disc Two
01 Skatebård “Marimba”
02 Plastique De Reve “Lost in the City feat. Ghostape”
03 Xaver Naudascher “Motor City”
04 Strangelets “Riot on Planet 10 (Blitz Gramsci Remix)”
05 Mogg & Naudascher “Moon Unit Pt. 4 feat. Rosalind”
06 Skatebård “Pagans”
07 Mogg & Naudascher “Moon Unit Pt. 3 feat. Arthur Hornig”
08 Maxx Brannslokker “Solar Trip feat. Katya Tyukova”
09 Skatebård “Flexy”
10. Walter Jones “A.I.P. (X.L.N.’s Maison Vumbi Edit)”