Edward will debut on DFA Records with a two-track EP titled Underwater Jams.

The release sees the German experimental techno producer depart from the 4/4 grid and blur the focus towards a more slippery, improvisational vibe. We understand that fans of his Desert Sky alias will be “quite pleased” with Underwater Jams

The two songs unfold at their leisure, going off on whizzing, kosmiche-influenced tangents, all the while guided by the hand drums of percussionist Geronimo Dehler. On A-side “The Lagoon,” the freedom of the long-form composition allows Edward to go deeper and more mesmeric; while the restrained stomp of B-side “Mental Dive” allows for an introspective dancefloor moment.

Although he’s been releasing music for the past decade, Edward has always been a bit enigmatic, with a majority of his discography only available on vinyl. His numerous releases on Giegling, Die Orakel, and White demonstrate his penchant for combining the psychedelic and the locked-in groove, but “it’s the sprawling sense of adventure that makes this release one of the more idiosyncratic in Edward’s catalog,” the label explains. 


A. The Lagoon [11:35]

B. Mental Dive [14:57]

Underwater Jams lands May 24 on vinyl and digital, with pre-order here.