Some bands break up and disappear for good. Others call it quits, but pop up in unexpected places for 20 years to follow. Such is the case with Pylon, the Athens, Georgia-based new-wave band whose tracks inspired many bands during the late-’70s and early-’80s, dropped off the face of the earth, and has now reappeared on none other than James Murphy’s and Tim Goldsworthy’s DFA imprint.

“Pylon has always been a DFA favorite,” says label manager Jonathan Galkin. “James Murphy has been DJing their records out since I have known him, as it fit so perfectly within the rhythmic rock and post-punk records he was weaving in and out of classic disco.”

Gyrate Plus sees the jagged guitar chords and scratchy, whispering vocals on the original Gyrate album (released in November of 1980) remastered and packaged with the band’s 7″ single “Cool” and its “10 inch 45 rpm” EP. An additional track, “Functionality,” is one of those previously unreleased gems that always makes a re-release worth picking up.

This isn’t the first time Pylon has emerged from the shadows since putting down the guitars in the late ’80s. The 1990 college-radio hit “Chain” saw the band in the spotlight again, as did a tour with fellow Georgians R.E.M. (back when R.E.M.’s music was still remotely digestible) But Gyrate Plus is a slightly bigger affair than the random gig here and there.

“Considering no one had ever issued Gyrate on CD, it seemed like an ideal and obvious place for DFA to commence what we hope is an ongoing change,” says Galkin. “To reissue and re-expose artists we admire that might not have gotten their full due the first time around.”

Gyrate Plus is out October 16, 2007 on DFA.

1. Cool
2. Dub
3. Volume
4. Feast on My Heart
5. Precaution
6. Weather Radio
7. Human Body
8. Read a Book
9. Driving School
10. Recent Title
11. Gravity
12. Danger
13. Working is a Problem
14. Stop It
15. Danger!!
16. Functionality