Designers, take note! The stylish folks at Diesel have announced four new locations for its worldwide Diesel Wall art contest, in which submitted entries are selected to appear on a gigantic, freestanding wall in a highly visible spot in each city. New York, Manchester, U.K., Barcelona, and Zurich are now among the places hosting Diesel’s five-year old competition.

Anyone and everyone can submit artwork in the form of painting, photography, video, performance, text, 3D, and just about any other medium out there. No constraints on artistic concept here (and past winners indicate that censorship isn’t something Diesel seems too concerned with), so long as each piece follows the designated size guidelines.

From mid-April to June, local juries will gather to select each city’s winners. Creative Director Wilbert Das, film director Bigas Luna, and Factory Records graphic designer Peter Saville are among those on the judging panel this year.

04/13: Zurich
05/12: New York
05/18: Manchester
07/11: Barcelona