Of course, we love the Ellen Alliens and Beth Gibbonses out there, but they’re just the start of bringing electronic music’s boys’-club vibe down a notch. On that note, we share with you the news of Chilean-born, Berlin-residing Dinky (a.k.a. Alejandra Iglesias) and her upcoming fourth album, Anemik, slated for release October 5 on Mathew Johnson’s Wagon Repair label. The forthcoming record is said to be a “musing on femininity and the fine line between romance and delirium,” which is something we think the techno world could very well use. Flavored with plenty of acoustic instruments, analog electronics, and a strong emphasis on voice, Anemik promises to be dreamy, nightmarish, romantic, and befuddling while remaining quintessentially Dinky. The record’s tracklisting is below.

1. Childish
2. Romaniks
3. Westoid Feat. Updates
4. Gold Fishes
4. Rain Fallic
5. Anemik
6. Glacial
7. Ceramik
8. Glassic
9. Skyped
10. Epilepsia
11. Fadik
12. Nocturnal