Dino Sabatini has announced a remix EP of tracks taken from his recent Omonimo LP, entitled Concentrica, due for June release.

Sabatini launched Opera earlier this year as a sub-label to his Outis imprint, with the Omonimo double pack. For the label’s second release, he has invited a handful of musicians to remix tracks from that inaugural record: Howie B and ASC. Alongside those remixes, are new variations on Sabatini’s collaborations with Antonello Salis—”If” and “And It All Ends Here.” The latter was a live recording by the pair.

On that tip, Salis and Sabatini have also announced a new live project they are collaborating on—Electronic Opera Concentrica. The performance promises to take a little from each of their backgrounds, falling somewhere between jazz and techno.

Concentrica will be released June 24, andcan be pre-ordered from the Outis store.