Internet TV website QOOB and Hamburg’s electro kingpins Digitalism are offering fans a chance to direct a video, and you’ve got until September 20 to actualize your vision. The prize is two-fold. First, you can brag to your friends that you directed a video for Digitalism. The winner will also receive 2,000 euros, in cash (for those of you in the States, that’s almost $2,800). The track in question is the new album version of previous 12”, “Idealistic.”

As far as what to shoot, take a hint from the Digitalism boys: “Maybe you’d like to shoot some ‘80s hip-hop/breakdance stuff combined with nowadays future robots! Like Herbie Hancock’s Rockit or Malcolm Maclaren’s Buffalo Gal, or movies like Wildstyle, Breakin.” So find some girls in velour hot-pants, find yourself a jumpsuit, and slap on that director’s cap.