The Dirt Crew boys are back, with a follow up to 2007’s Collection 01, creatively titled Collection 02.

James Flavour and Break 3000’s latest compilation consists of several unreleased tracks and remixes from the likes of Tigerskin, Chopstick, Gregor Tresher, as well as a few from the duo itself. In addition to these tracks, the release, due out September 15, will come packaged with some digital-only extras. As far as the musical style goes, one need only know that minimal is king here.

Collection 02
01 Dirt Crew “Manoeuvres (Motorcitysoul Remix)”
02 Chopstick & Johnjon “Birds (Afrilounge’s Velvet Monkey Dub)”
03 Tigerskin “Peter’s Secret Weapon”
04 Tigerskin “From The Depths (Exclusive)”
05 James Flavour “Code of The Streets (Gregor Tresher Remix) (Exclusive)”
06 Sasse “Arrival of the Killer Bees (Exclusive)”
07 Dirt Crew “Boogie Down (Falko Brocksieper Remix)”
08 Break 3000 “Bleed Like Me (Daso Remix)”
09 Dirt Crew “Raw (Bäumel & Dos Santos Threesixty Mix)”
10 Sierra “Stay (Dirt Crew Dub) (Exclusive)”
11 Dirt Crew “Soundwave (Exclusive)”
12 Tigerskin “Peter’s Secret Weapon (Till von Sein Remix) (Exclusive)”

Digital Only Extras
01 Lukas “Lyme Park (Exclusive)”
02 James Flavour “333 (Exclusive)”
03 Tigerskin “Platin (Exclusive)”
04 Chopstick & Johnjon “Birds (Afrilounge – Liapin’s Rework)”
05 Sierra “Stay (Dirt Crew Remix) (Exclusive)”
06 BREAK 3000 “Chrome (Exclusive)”

Image By Donnie Bauer.