Yesterday afternoon, XLR8R posted a refix put together by young producer A1 Bassline, who had reworked a classic drum & bass tune from the Metalheadz catalog. The track had been forwarded to us by Dirtybird label head Claude VonStroke, who was offering the refix as a free download for our site. Earlier today, word got back to Metalheadz bossman Goldie, who was lessthanpleased with the situation, as was a vocal portion of his fanbase. Long story short, the track in question was quickly taken down at A1 Bassline’s and VonStroke’s request, A1 Bassline apologized, and it appears that Goldie has accepted.

Nonetheless, Claude VonStroke wanted to issue a public apology, which we are posting at his request.

From Claude VonStroke:
Dirtybird and A1 Bassline sincerely apologize to DBridge, Goldie, and Metalheadz for the unauthorized posting of a track that we did not have any right to post. I, Barclay Crenshaw (Claude VonStroke), take full responsibility for this mistake and have made every effort to reconcile this error as fast as possible. Here at Dirtybird we are all massive fans of Metalheadz and you can be sure nothing like this will ever happen again.