Lamache’s Discobar and Assemble Music are teaming up for a new Various Artist four-tracker in celebration of Record Store Day, titled Split.

The Assemble Music imprint is represented by Norken & Nyquist, who deliver “Aux Patch,” before Lerosa‘s “Love Money,” a track that shows off his knack for tight arrangements and full analog sounds. On the flip, Discobar brings together Robin Ordell and Seuil for two up-to-date electro-tinged house grooves.


A1. Norken & Nyquist “Aux Patch”
A2. Lerosa “Love Money”
B1 Robin Ordell & Seuil “Activation Synthesis”
B2. Robin Ordell & Seuil “808 Cabriolet”

Split EP will be released on the April 22, in record shops and then on the web, with snippets streamable below.