A new update is available for the iOS version of the Discogs app. Version 1.7 is full of new features.

The app’s beginning functionality focused on the most attractive aspect of the Discogs platform: collection and want list. In Version 1.7, Discogs has completely redesigned the ‘Artist View,’ ‘Label View,’ and ‘Release View,’ among several other improvements and fixes.

The app now pulls in all of the Discogs database information associated with an artist or band. Flip through a full artist image gallery, browse through the band members, name variations, aliases, etc. Band members and other artist data are also all linked, so it’s easy to explore and discover connected artists and releases.

When you find a new favorite artist, you can tap the share icon at the top of the screen to share your discovery via social media, text message, email, or simply save as a note on your phone. You can also easily see how many releases from a particular artist you own by tapping on the ‘In Your Collection’ number to see a narrowed list of releases from that artist or band in your collection.

The app also pulls in more label and company data. Learn about a label’s parent label and sublabels; explore a label’s releases, and even quickly navigate to the label’s website. If you own or have ‘Wantlisted’ a release from the Label you are viewing, you can quickly navigate to those releases in your ‘Collection’ or ‘Wantlist.’

In addition to this are several other improvements and fixes.You can read about them via their update here.

Download the Discogs App for iOS (here) and Android (here).