Atlanta producer/DJ Distal has revealed plans to release a conceptual album via his newly launched Anarchostar imprint, which will reportedly serve as a platform for an extensive Space Opera series set 3,000 years into the future. The XLR8R podcast alum’s forthcoming Retrograde Space Opera LP will inaguarate the label and series, and is said to feature “various avant-garde space ballads” and “sound design compositions” in addition to more dancefloor-oriented tracks. The record follows from Distal’s 2012 debut full-length for Tectonic and a slew of hybrid bass 12″s in the years since. In designing the album’s artwork, Distal reportedly teamed up with Argentinian illustrator Freshcore to elucidate the futuristic universe, inventing “everything from fashion trends, science, and pets to clubs and transportation.”

Distal’s Retrograde Space Opera is due out on October 7; the album’s artwork and tracklist can be found below.

1. Welcome To The Anarchostar
2. Ridge City
3. Ancient Scripture
4. Sewers Of Gattaca
5. Boo Monde
6. Jaws Of Deltroy
7. Banthu
8. Troposphere Cocktail Hour
9. Breaking The Atmosphere
10. Nomodawah’s Tomb
11. Look Mom No Hardware
12. Don’t Need Her
13. Ignorance Is Now Bliss
14. Holding Pattern
15. Ascending & Solus
16. Approaching The Wormhole