If you visit music sites, you’ll likely know that U.K. MC Dizzee Rascal‘s “Dance Wiv Me” track is currently sitting comfortably at number one on the U.K. Singles Chart. What you may not have heard, and what sources are reporting, is that Dizzee plans to party every night the track–which he made with producer Calvin Harris and Chrome–stays at that spot.

“I’m gonna have another drink tonight [Tuesday], all week really. I’m just gonna keep going for it until someone knocks me off,” he told NME.

Now, this could pose potential problems if the hit turns out to be one of those types that rules the charts for weeks on end, but as it turns out, the MC is well aware of this, and stated that if it matches the-16 week run Bryan Adams had back in 1991, he’d kill himself. We’re going to assume that’s the booze talking.

Catch him on tour and hopefully still in party mode later this month.

Video: “Dance Wiv Me”

Photo by Dean Chalkley.