DJ Danifox will release a new album on Príncipe.

DJ Danifox, or Daniel Veiga, was born in Lisbon, Portugal but he moved to the UK in 2014, around the time that he began making his first beats. Today, he is touted as one of Príncipe’s rising names, acknowledged for his dancefloor cuts and playful vibes. After releasing his debut solo EP, Long Way Talk, on Los Angeles’ Point Records, he’s contributed “Dark Hope” to Príncipe’s thrilling 32-track label compilation. Alongside Puto Márcio, Lycox, and BBoy, Veiga also forms the Tia Maria Produções crew.

Ansiedade expands Veiga’s batida sound, stretching and adding to the template, “a true creative breakthrough” signalled by his previous Dia Não Mata Dia EP, which came out last year, the Lisbon label tells XLR8R.

“Loose and raw, not conforming to even the commonly accepted non-written rules of the genre, this is forward-thinking songwriting, not mere dance music production,” we’re told.

For more information on Danifox, check out his XLR8R podcast here.


01. Ilha dos Bruxos
02. Parça
03. Gentleman
04. Aleijada
05. Tarraxo 001
06. Ngapa
07. Ritual
08. Mar Vista
09. Robert Johnson
10. Chopper

Ansiedade LP is scheduled for April 28 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Ilha dos Bruxos” in full below and pre-order here.