Another budding talent from Chicago’s juke/footwork scene is set to release an album on what is arguably the highest profile label to be pushing the genre right now, Planet Mu. Karlis Griffin (a.k.a DJ Diamond) will see his debut LP, Flight Muzik—named after the crew of beatmakers that he heads—hit the streets August 8, with 16 tracks of home-grown, chopped-the-fuck-up footwork, which, of all things, has been described as having a more “intriguing, deeper, dreamlike feel” than the usual juke fare. Unfortunately, we don’t have any audio to back up this claim yet, but judging from Griffin’s two contributions to last year’s comprehensive Bang and Works Vol. 1 compilation (“Ready Mother Fucka” and “Freakazoid”), that statement might not be too far off. You’ve got the artwork above, and you’ll find the tracklist as well as streams of DJ Diamond’s aforementioned tracks below.

01 Rep Yo Clique (Remix)
02 Speakerz ‘N’ Tonguez
03 Uh
04 Pop the Trunk
05 Horns
06 Vibe
07 Torture Rack
08 Decoded
09 Down Bitch
10 Wreckage
11 Digimon
12 Rep Yo Clique
13 Burn Day Boy
14 Snare Fanfare
15 Go Hard
16 I Choose You

“Ready Mother Fucka”