The RIAA is certainly taking its anti-piracy crusade to, forgive the term, a new level. Last night (Tuesday) they raided the Atlanta studio of popular mixtape DJs Drama and Don Cannon.Authorities served the two search warrants for music piracy, confiscating 50,000 mixtapes, computers, recording equipment, money, bank statements, and vehicles, or if you prefer the Atlanta Fox News version, they confiscated “everything.”

The RIAA’s Matthew Kilgo told the station that, “They’ve got a website that they’re advertising from. That’s where you place your order and that’s where you’re orders are shipped out.” We’re still not sure what’s wrong with having a website or advertising, but who knows? The Supreme Court might be working on that. It was also noted during the news clip that counterfeiting CDs goes “hand in hand” with other crimes.

Although 17 people were detained during this time, Drama and Cannon were the only two arrested. Their website,, is currently shut down.

Watch the Atlanta Fox News Clip