DJ Fett Burger has unveiled his debut solo album.

Thank U 4 Letting Me Live My Life (B.G.F.D.F.R) explores the full remit of the Norwegian artist’s artistic styles. We can expect a “deep personal trip” into the different sounds that have been defining his productions and output. Fett Burger describes the record as deep, personal, and wonky, and with a psychedelic and emotional touch.

Fett Burger, real name Peter Mitterer, hails from Moss, Norway, and he’s one half of the duo behind the Norwegian labels Sex Tags Mania and Sex Tags Amfibia. His music broadly spans house and disco, and he has released more than 10 EPs via his Digitalized Planet B Bandcamp page this year. You will also find him working under other monikers including DJ Fett Birger, DJFB, PE, DJ Dog, and DJ Dogg.

Fett Burger has released various collaborative albums, including 2019’s Red Scorpions with DJ Speckgürtel.


A1. Intro
B2. This Game. The World
B1. 411 Esperanza (Vocal Dreem Mix)
B2. In The Moment
C1. Breathing Ground
D1. When Oh Yeah! Intro
D2. Atmospheree 2 Emo-tion (Subtle Future Mix)
D3. Disco Fem

Thank U 4 Letting Me Live My Life (B.G.F.D.F.R) LP is scheduled for November 20 release. Meanwhile, you can stream an album teaser below.