DJ Firmeza is next on Príncipe with a new EP.

Ardeu is the young Lisbon artist’s first EP since his 2015 debut, Alma Do Meu Pai. It kicks off with two improvised vocal cuts, with minimal, bouncy beats. This style of delivering vocals is commonly known as “animação,” a sort of MCing, not so much to boast personal qualities or instigate people, more of a stream of consciousness thing. The free association of words and themes in both “AVAN” and “Intenso” is said to recall “a more rootsy style of kuduro.”

“RRRRRR” provides a fast, intense ride across the mutant world of techno, and suggests that Firmeza’s percussive essence, much inspired by his guru DJ Nervoso, has progressed to more intuitive ground. Closer “25” is described as a “powerful abstract statement” on which “everything bounces and the body bounces along, not sure of where it stands anymore.”

DJ Firmeza is one of the youngest members on Príncipe amongst the batida scene legends like DJ Marfox and DJ Nervoso.


01. AVAN
02. Intenso
04. 25

Ardeu is out September 13, with pre-order HERE and “Intense” streaming below.