It’s been six years since DJ Food and DK launched the highly sought-after Solid Steel series with Now Listen. The duo perpetuated such mega-hip-hop mash stylings by propelling a Solid Steel radio show and club night, unveiling a scene of Z-Tripian mash enthusiasts who follow its every move. Now, we’re refreshed with the sequel, Now, Listen Again.

Not unlike the original, Listen Again is a conglomeration of so much different shit. On one hand you’ve got Primal Scream’s “Revenge of the Hammond Connection,” edited into a northern-soul operatic, rock track. On the other, New Order’s “Blue Monday,” colliding into Part 2’s grimey two-step “One of Them Days” remix. It’s like it’s ’99 all over again. Pants are just a little less baggy now.

Ninja Tune is at the top of its game with releases from Amon Tobin, Pop Levi, and now this mother of all mash-up mixes. This is a good time to be alive¬–as long as you’re into partying and disjointed jams.

Now, Listen Again is out April 2, 2007 on Ninja Tune.


1. MVP “Rock Your Body”
2. Z-Trip “Listen to the DJ”
3. Timbaland “Cop That Shit”
4. Eric B & Rakim “I Know You Got Soul (a capella)”
5. The Human League “Being Boiled”
6. Area Code 615 “Stone Fox Chase”
7. Cut Chemist “A Peek in Time”
8. Pepe Deluxe “Salami Fever”
9. Cozy Powell “Dance with the Devil”
10. DJ Format “You Hear That?”
11. Ram Jam “Black Betty”
12. Johnny Jones & King Casuals “Purple Haze”
13. Primal Scream “Revenge of the Hammond Connection”
14. Bomb the Bass “Megablast (a capella)”
15. DJ Shadow “Right Thing (Z-Trip’s ‘Get the Party off’ remix parts 2 & 3)”
16. Gorgio Moroder “Tears”
17. AC Lewis “Tickles”
18. Aphex Twin “Nannou”
19. The Irresistible Force “Underground (Ambient mix)”
20. New Order “The Beach”
21. Part 2 & Fallacy “One of Them Days (remix)”
22. Freestylers “Painkiller (Ed Solo & Skool of thought remix)”
23. 5 Deez “Funky (a capella)”
24. TTC “Dans Le Club (instrumental)”
25. Reggie Steppa “Drum Pad Sound”
26. DJ Zinc: Reach Out “(remix)”
27. Roots Manuva “Swords in the Dirt (The Quemists ’03 remix)”
28. Pendulum & Fresh “Tarantula”
29. Roots Manuva “Witness (Walworth Road Rockers Dub Steinski rework)”
30. Jo Ann Garret “It’s No Secret”
31. Ronnie Hazelhurst “Are You Being Served? Theme (Film version)”
32. The Dragons “Food for My Soul”