Last year, legendary party starter DJ Harvey offered up the first full-length of his storied career, under the name Locussolus. Released via Uruguayan imprint International Feel, the album largely consisted of previously released singles and edits. Nevertheless, it seems that the moniker was more than a goof or a one-off experiment, as it’s been revived by Harvey for an upcoming single. The Locussolus project—which also includes Sam Fox, Tara Selleck, and Josh Marcy—has put together “Berghain” b/w “Telephone,” which is scheduled to drop on July 9, again through International Feel. Described as “the sound of Malibu meeting The Eastern Block,” the record was actually recorded in Venice, California. The a-side is an obvious tribute to the Berlin club of the same name, while “Telephone” is touted as a “fun irreverent pop, disco boogie FM radio hit that never happened, happening.”