DJ Healer has returned with a new two-part mix, Lost Lovesongs.

DJ Healer, the most recent alias of Traumprinz and Prince Of Denmark, shared part one, Lost Lovesongs, during the Christmas period before dropping the second part on New Year’s Day, featuring an additional six tracks. The mixes feature all original material, and follow 2017’s 171-minute Planet Lonely mix via the same Planet Uterus SoundCloud. 


Lost Lovesongs 

01. Intro 

02. Untitled 

03. Lost 

04. Drifter 

05. Untitled 

06. Found Time 

07. Holding On To You 

Lostsongs Vol.2 

01. Outro 

02. U 4ever 

03. Depression House 

04. Geister 

05. Another Hidin 

06. Grown 

Lost Lovesongs and Lostsongs Vol.2 are available to stream below.