DJ Jus-Ed (a.k.a. Edward McKeithen) is a bit of a legend in the New York dance world. He started out in the early ’80s, filling floors with freestyle, funk, and house, before taking a 15-year hiatus. But he re-entered the scene in the early ’00s, launching the heralded Underground Quality label, producing a slew of tracks, DJing left and right, and generally never looking back. He’s now set to release his third full-length, entitled Vision Dance, for Tokyo’s highly respected house stable Mule Musiq, on August 15. peep the tracklist and artwork for Vision Dance below.

1 A Little Deeper
2 Acid Techno
3 Emotion
4 Ice 592
5 Project 1 London
6 Project 2 London
7 Stuck in a Train to Berlin
8 The Truth
9 This Shit is Hot (re-scrub)
10 Train Ride to Offenbach