Japan-based DJ Kentaro is best known for his epic talent as a scratch-master extraordinaire. But 2007 sees him assume the role of full-on producer with his debut full-length, Enter.

That’s not to say he has abandoned his scratching roots (take note of “Keep On,” featuring The Pharcyde). For his Ninja Tune debut though, the man born Kentaro Okamoto simply explores his music-production skills, not to mention brings plenty of company to the table, including Spank Rock, Fat Jon, and New Flesh.

As a whole, Enter runs all over the genre map. Each contains elements of drum & bass, dancehall, jazz, downtempo, and (of course) hip-hop. “Space Jungle” (featuring Spank Rock, Ronnie Darko, and Armani XXXchange) shows Kentaro at his turntablist best, combining cosmic B-more breaks and subsonic hip-house. Whether or not he’ll be a part of the DMCs this year, or touring his ass off, remains to be seen, but in the meantime, Enter will suffice.

Enter is out July 19, 2007 on Ninja Tune.

1. Enter the Newground
2. Keep On (Feat. Pharcyde)
3. Free (Feat. Spank Rock)
4. Tasogare Highway High (Bass Wannabe A Singer)
5. Rainy Day (Feat. New Flesh)
6. Uminnaka
7. Handmade Gift (Feat. Little Tempo)
8. Space Jungle (Feat. MC Spank Rock and Armani XXXchange)
9. Nursery Room
10. Harvest Dance (Feat. Hifana)
11. Trust
12. One Hand Blizzard
13. Brightin’ Star Enter
14. Let It Go (Feat. Fat Jon)
15. Hatsuyume (Feat. Hunger)
16. Grateful to You