DJ Lilocox, born Ricardo Vieira, has released Drums (Lata), a tape of once-private beats, on Príncipe.

All 43 tracks on Drums (Lata) have featured heavily across Lilocox’ own DJ sets as he has established himself as a prominent figure in Afro-portuguese dance music. We can expect 80 minutes of house grooves informed by his Cape Verdean descent and adventures as a young kid producing harsh batida polyrhythmia, solo and as part of the Piquenos DJs do Guetto crew with Firmeza and Maboku.

“So travel the spaceways with this smoothly mixed and blended set of music we thought criminal to just let sit as archival memory,” Príncipe says. “Deep, sprawling house ambience and slick beats.”

Lata was the derogatory term used by Lisbon’s African night club owners to stamp out the outlawed music Vieiraand other producers were creating a decade ago. But they proudly ran with it and turned Lata into an affectionate name for a certain standard, tinny sound typical of old school batida beats.

Artwork, as usual, comes from Márcio Matos.

Side A

01. AfroTech (Original)
02. Electrohouse Style (OriginalMix)
03. Various (Original)
04. (LATAS VOL.1)
05. LISBOA MUSIC (Original)
06. GANANÇIA (Original)
07. Floute Style (Originalmix)
08. Ritmos (Original)
09. Alto Percurço (Original)
10. BANAH Edit-Vocall
11. BASS
12. BEATS (Original)
13. Crazy (Original)
15. DRUM CLASSIC (Original)
17. E LOCURA 2 (Originalmix)
18. FILHA DA GODA (OriginalMix)
19. House Deep Tech
20. Hoje é undi (Original)

Side B

02. KAPETA(MALUCO) (Originalmix)
03. UNICO (Original)
04. LOS HERMANOS (Original)
05. ‘What Pho’ (Edit) (Original Mix) feat. DJ Nigga Fox
06. OLHA OH (Originalmix)
07. MALUQUIÇE (Original)
08. SAMBAPITO (OriginalGhetto)
09. VIOLAS DJ JESUS (GIRA-A-BULA) (Originalmix)
10. Soculentaa (Original)
11. The World Dance (Original)
12. vibe (Original)
13. TOKIO (Originalmix)
14. JAZZ (OriginalMix)
17. PASSA-TEMPO (OriginalGhetto)
18. Marimba (T-Box) (Originalmix)
19. RUMOS (Originalmix)
20. SEGURA (Original)
21. Zona J (Original)
22. REALITE (Original)
23. VAMO NO SALO (Originalmix)

Drums (Lata) is available now. You can stream it in full below and order it here.