DJ Lycox has dropped a new EP on Príncipe, titled Kizas do Ly.

Kizas do Ly is the first EP of DJ Lycox, but he is released an album on Príncipe in 2017. It comprises four tunes that “float above us,” celebrating the the popular style of kizomba. “So if actual proximity seems to be ill-advised this spring, let’s temporarily move to another realm and see what happens when mind does away with body,” the Lisbon label explains.

Príncipe has already released a digital version of the EP via Bandcamp, and a 12″ vinyl will follow when coronavirus has died down.


A1. Jam
A2. Red Lights
B1. Babygirl
B2. Hábitos

Kizas do Ly EP is available digitally via Bandcamp.