DJ Manny will release Signals In My Head, a new album on Planet Mu.

Signals In My Head marks a “new chapter” in DJ Manny’s career, we’re told. Born in March 1990 in Chicago but raised in Harvey, Illinois, Manny, real name Manuel Gaines, encountered juke and footwork before he was 10 years old while out with his brother at a party he was too young to be at. Dancing became a big thing for him—and he began throwing parties, where he met Rashad and DJ Spinn, and made his first recordings at his cousin’s house. His first release, Kush On Deck, came about in 2010 with DJ Rashad’s help.

Now based in Brooklyn, New York, Manny’s sound has widened out and taken on a more romantic edge. His goal for the new album was “to do something that nobody (in footwork) had ever done before,” which is an R&B-type of album but still keeping it footwork, juke, house, and techno, with a few breaks. “I just want people to know it’s love out there,” Manny says.

We’re told that the album also brings in a drum & bass flavor on cuts like “Good Love” and “Havin’ Fun.” Meanwhile, tracks like “Club GTA” and “That Thang” call back to classic Chicago house, and “Smoke ‘n’ Fade Away” and album closer “At First Site” both “recall the golden era of Detroit techno,” the label tells XLR8R. “Wants My Body,” created with DJ Chap, and “All I Need” are “classic Footwork workouts sure to ignite dance floors.”


01. Never Was Ah Hoe
02. U Want It
03. You All I Need
04. Club GTA
05. All I Need
06. Wants My Body (ft. DJ Chap)
07. Havin’ Fun (ft. DJ Phil
08. Good Love
09. Signals In My Head
10. That Thang
11. Smoke ‘n’ Fade Away
12. At First Site

Signals In My Head LP is scheduled for July 23 release. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream the title-track below.