DJ Nobu will return to his own Bitta label with a new EP, titled Extra Tools.

The EP follows outings on Rush Hour, Token, and BleeD, and sees the Japanese producer diving “even deeper into a pure and adventurous techno journey with his most simplistic output to date.” He considers this EP a DJ tool designed for the club, with four tracks of stripped-down yet powerful dancefloor workouts. All cuts have been tested and proven in Nobu’s own DJ sets before now, and so he decided to make them available for fellow DJs to play and experiment with.

Bitta is Nobu’s own “personal playground” for new musical projects with a focus on artists coming out of Japan. The label functions as a space for experimentation with the intention of instigating multiple styles by unexpected artists or pairing them with stimulating remixers. Wata Igarashi and Daisuke Uchimura have both put music out there.


A1. DJ Nobu
A2. DJ Nobu
B1. DJ Nobu
B2. DJ Nobu

Extra Tools EP is out November 18.