DJ Paypal has shared 174.2.2, a collection of 13 DJ-friendly tracks, though specifically “not an album.” 

174.2.2, out now on Mall Music Inc., is the Teklife-affiliated footwork producer’s first full-length collection of work since 2015’s Sold Out. Every track on the project, except for one, is precisely 4:20 long. The other is 2:10. 

We’re told that the pack will be “removed in a few days.”


01. What Life Is 4 

02. W/o U 

03. F.U.I.T.H. 

04. Don Understan 

05. Tramadol 

06. Anti Anx Theme Stereo 

07. 100% 

08. Wishin 

09. Want U 

10. Just 4 The 

11. Pressure 

12. Show Me 

13. Daydreams

174.2.2 is out now on Mall Music Inc, and streaming in full here