Longstanding bassline DJ/producer DJ Q unveiled today that he will soon drop a compilation of rare and unreleased productions, which he is calling The Archive. The UK artist says of his forthcoming 25-track compilation, “I?’ve been planning to do something like this for years, but, at the same time, I wanted to get the right mixture and balance of tracks on [it]. If I put [this] out a few years back, then maybe all of the tracks on it would?’ve sounded similar. It has all of the iconic tracks on there, including ‘Tea Bag,’ ‘Fear,’ ‘Shottas,’ and ‘Dirty’—tracks which, at the time, people say changed the game. Believe it or not, I actually like the way the bassline scene is at the moment. I’m releasing the tracks that I want, and they’?re getting a wicked response, not just from the bassline supporters, but also from a wider audience.” Expect DJ Q’s oversized release to arrive on July 22 via the his own label Q Recordings. Before then, you can check out a megamix of the tunes, along with the tracklist, below.

1. The Intro
2. Back 2 Bassics
3. Fukt
4. Dirty
5. Inst-rue-mental
6. The Reasons
7. The Haven’t Got A Chance
8. Shottas
9. Unit 50
10. Fat
11. Original Bad
12. Shuffle
13. Fear
14. Watching You
15. Afraid
16. Tea Bag
17. The Reasons Remix
18. Old Flex
19. Free Stevie
20. Rider
21. Shades
22. What To Do
23. Victory (Bonus Track)
24. Tea Bag Remix (Bonus Track)
25. You Got Me Remix (Bonus Track)