We’ve got to hand it to Planet Mu for helping spearhead the resurgence of Chicago’s juke/footwork music on an international scale. The UK label has got releases from a number of the scene’s heavy-hitters—DJ Roc, DJ Rashad, DJ Nate (pictured above)—on its enormous roster, and now it’s prepping the release of a whole compilation based around the hyperactive genre. Bangs & Works Vol. 1 will be released on December 6, featuring 25 tracks from the likes of DJ Elmoe, Tha Pope, DJ Killa E, DJ Trouble, Traxman, RP Boo, DJ Spinn, DJ Nate, DJ Lil Rome & DJ Yung Tellem, and DJ Rashad, among many others. Plus, Dave Quam, the author of our recent juke/footwork article, Battle Cats, penned the liner notes and interviews within the compilation’s sleeve. You can check out the full tracklist and artwork for Bangs & Works Vol. 1 below.

1. DJ Elmoe – Whea Yo Ghost At, Whea Yo Dead Man
2. DJ Rashad – Teknitian
3. Tha Pope – Jungle Juke
4. DJ Rashad – Itz Not Rite
5. DJ Roc – Fuck Dat
6. RP Boo – Total Darkness
7. DJ Spinn – 2020
8. Tha Pope – All The Things
9. DJ Killa E – Star Wars
10. DJ Roc – One Blood
11. RP Boo – Eraser
12. DJ Lil Rome & DJ Yung Tellem – Kill Da Circle
13. DJ Trouble – Bangs & Works
14. DJ Trouble – Fuck Um Up Jus Basics
15. DJ Elmoe – Yo Shit Fucked Up
16. DJ Yung Tellem – Freddy Vs Jason
17. DJ Trouble – Mosh Pit
18. Traxman – Compute Funk
19. DJ Lil Rome – I Go Hard
20. DJ Diamond – Ready Mother Fucka
21. DJ Diamond – Freakazoid
22. DJ Nate – Ima Dog
23. DJ Clent – I Love You
24. DJ Nate – He Ain’t Bout It
25. Traxman – The Comeback