DJ Richard has a new album on the way via Dial Records, titled Dies Iræ Xerox.

The 12-track release draws its name from the Latin hymn “Dies irae,” otherwise known as “Day of Wrath.” It will be the US producer’s second full-length album, following on from 2015’s Grind, which also landed on Dial. More recently he released Path of Ruin on the German imprint.

We’re told that the album “melds the physical and psychological aspects of DJ Richard’s production ethos in sharper, more widescreen vision than before; the oceanic swells of ambience yet more powerful, and the rigid basslines sharper still.”

With the chaos of the Berlin club scene an increasingly distant memory, the album is enriched with a contemplative, even brittle tone, as informed by film soundtracks and literature.

“On Dies Iræ Xerox, the artist finds the space to write “the records he really wants to play” and each suggests a template for genuine dancefloor transcendence,” the label continues. It was produced during a murky, transitional period during which DJ Richard found himself particularly drawn to Medieval European art and mysticism.


01. Dies Iræ Xerox
02. Pitfall
03. Vanguard
04. Crimson Curve
05. Tunnel Stalker
06. Dissolving World
07. In Broad Daylight
08. Ancestral Helm
09. Final Mercy
10. Ex Aere
11. Old Winter‘s Way
12. Gate of Roses

Dies Iræ Xerox will land on June 15.