Sublevel Sounds label boss, DJ Spider, and The Corner recording artist and studio master Phil Moffa are dropping a new 12″ titled Psychic Surgeons on August 1.

DJ Spider is no stranger to hammering out releases and collaborating with long time NYC techno producers and record junkies, and he has a work ethic like no other when it comes to the studio by the number of records he is pressing. The Night Gallery EP was the first collaboration we noticed between the two producers to come out on Sublevel Sounds in 2013, and that was followed up later on by the Underground Sounds Vol. 2release on Plan B Recordings which saw the showcasing of these two artists on the same record.

Phil Moffa’s record releasing has been on a rampage as well since 2012. He’s released one solo EP and two collaborative EPs with Anthony Parasole on The Corner in the last 3 years, he’s seen two records on Plan B, and he’s now on his third collaboration with Spider in as many years. He’s also staying busy mastering records for release on The Corner like the recent Civil Duty album, and hanging out with Parasole at Old Miami in Detroit for Movement this year.

Check out the clips for the upcoming Psychic Surgeons 12″ on Sublevel Sounds, and find out more about the label by clicking here.