DJ Spider has announced the release of his Burning Desires EP on BleeD.

The BleeD imprint was established last year by Casper Clark (a.k.a. Volte Face), the London-based DJ-producer and long-term promoter. Spider’s Burning Desires EP will mark the label’s fourth EP; all three previous releases have involved Volte Face himself—two as a solo artist and one a part of Rote, his collaboration with Daniel Avery.

A seasoned and respected figurehead of the US techno underground, DJ Spider serves up an uncompromising yet heady EP, said to “represent the loss of knowledge of mankind by the modern scientists who are destroying ancient texts in their attempt to erase history.” Anybody familiar with his work on his own Plan B/Sublevel Sounds imprints, or his collaborations with Phil Moffa, Marshallito and Franklin De Costa for The Trilogy Tapes, Killekill et al, will recognize the hallmarks of his best work: killer drum programming, gritty sound design and otherworldly, trippy flourishes.

Ahead of the EP’s April 29 release, snippets can be streamed via the player below.

A1 Prophetic Technology
A2 Prophetic Technology (Volte-Face Remix)
B1 Divine Builders
B2 The Outbreak Of Rebellion
B3 Clouded Vision