South African DJ/producer and pioneer of the “Bacardi house” sound, DJ Spoko will release his debut LP via Lit City Trax next month. Though the forthcoming War God LP will serve as the man’s first full-length release, DJ Spoko has been crafting tracks since the late ’90s and—as we pointed out in our illumianting In the Studio feature with him last year—has studied with Nozinja (the creator of the Shangaan Electro style), and mentored DJ Mujava, who features on the record.

Spoko’s flair for raw, stripped-down rhythms and sharp percussion will be displayed across 20 new productions on War God, an album which will see its official release on September 23. Before then, the record’s artwork and tracklist have been included below.

1. War of the Pizzi
2. Dikwakwa
3. Trigga Happy
4. Motota Mutapa
5. Mshongoville
6. Angels and Demons
7. Chitahuri Dance
8. War God
9. Mzansi
10. After Party
11. Planet X
12. More Pain
13. Bula Ma
14. Oreng Mo (ft. DJ Mujava)
15. Man in Black Suit
16. Phelindaba
17. Civil War
18. Captain Jack Spoko
19. Thugs of the Nite
20. Moon and Sun