Back in 2009, Terre Thaemlitz—using her DJ Sprinkles alter-ego—released Midtown 120 Blues, a deep and strong reminder of house music’s less glamorous roots as a soundtrack to the transgender sex worker bars of pre-Disneyfied Times Square. Now, five years later, Thaemlitz is re-releasing her iconic work as a deluxe CD-only reissue, which notably comes with a large newsprint poster of the LP’s cover (pictured above).

As Thaemlitz tells FACT, the reissue will only be available in CD form, with no plans for vinyl, due to the fact that the “the bass spatialization effects that give many of these recordings their sonic character are incompatible with vinyl mastering techniques.” With that in mind, Midtown 120 Blues‘ deluxe CD edition is scheduled for a May 31 release on Thaemlitz’s own Comatonse imprint, and can currently be pre-ordered here.