Russian-born, London-based Vadim Peare (a.k.a. DJ Vadim) has been sampling and mixing for over a decade and a half, and in April we will once again reap the benefits of his production experience with another album of his trademark soul, dark dub, and hip-hop infusion, aptly titled The Sound Catcher.

The prolific DJ and producer signed to Ninja Tune in 1992, then started his own label, Jazz Fudge, in 1995. He has also collaborated with a who’s-who list of artists, including DJ Krush, Public Enemy, and even Kraftwerk. The Sound Catcher sees Vadim switching things up once again, not only with a move to hip-hop mainstay imprint BBE, but also in the huge musical diversity on the album, as seen in both the production and lineup of guest artists. 

The Sound Catcher is out April 3, 2007 on BBE

1. Intro
2. Fear Feats feat. Emo and Syrus
3. Talk To Me feat. Sena
4. Them Say feat. Diane
5. Soundcatchers feat. Abstract Rude
6. Manchester
7. Kill Kill Kill feat. Big Red
8. Milwakee
9. Like the Wind feat. Deuce Eclipse
10. Black is the Night feat. Katherin deBoer
11. Got to Rock feat. Zion
12. Theme to Big Willy Dee
13. Balistic Affairs feat. skinny Man, Singa Blinga, and Killa Kela
14. Sufferin Blues feat. Lil Green
15. Bath in Bleach feat. Monte Smith
16. SD4
17. Watch That Sound feat. Emo