Djrum is set to release a new EP on R&S Records.

Hard To Say / Tournesol is the UK artist’s first original music to be released since the Portrait With Firewood album in 2018. Both tracks see him exploring his more dancefloor influences keeping the tempos high and the emotions heightened.

While “Tournesol” takes in a characteristically broad set of influences, from braindance to Shaangan electro, “Hard To Say” focuses on “ambient-gabber,” a genre of music coined by the UK artist himself. Combining the fast and boomy kick drums of gabber with pads from the ambient realm, Djrum has time-stretched chopped vocal hits into huge lead-sounds to draw out the harmonics and make them sound robotic—a production technique that’s been utilised in gabber and hardcore since the early ’90s.


01. Hard To Say
02. Tournesol

Hard To Say / Tournesol is out September 13, with clips streaming below.