DMX Krew, real name Edward Upton, will return to Hypercolour for his third album on the label, titled Glad To Be Sad.

The British producer’ last album landed in 2017, also on Hypercolour, preceded by over 20 others on labels like Rephlex and Strange Life Records. 

We’re told to expect the usual collection of electronic funk and modular melodies, and that the album covers a colourful palette of rhythm and sound, is abundant on the bass, and comes with a heavy dose of futurism in its waves of glorious synth-work and deadly drum machine rhythms.


A1: Shell Game

A2: Spare Parts

A3: Gate Output

B1: Mystic Revelation

B2: Dark Moon

B3: Home Made Drum Machine Part 2

C1: Metal Mod Beat

C2: Mr10Stery

C3: Jagged

D1: Np-Hard

D2: Non Entity

D3: Winter Dance

Glad To Be Sad‘ lands March 1.