When I tried explaining the ultra-fancy art and culture magazine Visionaire to my boyfriend, his response was “Does it come with a blowjob and a French press and a gift certificate to a fine haberdashery?” Well… almost.

The hip Visonaire, based in New York, has come out three times a year since 1991, with each issue focusing on an esoteric theme. (Past themes have included Faces, Private, and Heaven). The limited-edition tome is delivered in everything from traditional book format to GAP travel bags and Tiffany boxes, and has featured guest editors and contributors including David Bowie, Kehinde Wiley, and Spike Jonze. In short, Visionaire ain’t playin’.

For the 53rd issue, called SOUND, Visionaire takes concept further than ever before. Teaming up with car company MINI Cooper, they’ve created a five-tiered tower of 12-inch vinyl records, each of which can be played by placing a special toy MINI car on the surface. The records contain over 100 original sound pieces from the likes of Dntel, Miranda July, Spank Rock, Fischerspooner, Miss Kittin and Panda Bear–essentially, a high-design mixtape. To up the ante even more, artists like Cindy Sherman and Ryan McGinley lend images to the records’ facades.

At $250 a pop, SOUND is not for the weak of wallet, but if you dig the pomp and circumstance, flick your plastic at visionaireworld.com.