Photo: Spectrum Rex

Next on Dome of Doom is Jon Casey with his debut LP, Flora & Fauna.

Flora & Fauna collects music recorded since 2018, stitched together as a “conceptual ride into barrier-breaking pathways of sound,” the label explains. Casey, from Pretoria, South Africa, was looking to create something beyond anything he had before—”a journey where preconceived notions of what should be cease to exist and the ride is all the matters.” It features contributions from Dabow and Chee.

Casey’s career has expanded rapidly over the last few years, gaining recognition from artists such as UZ, GTA, and The Glitch Mob. He’s previously released music with Borgore’s Buygore, UZ’s Quality Goods Records, Craze’s Slow Roast Records, as well as RL Grime’s Sable Valley.

Ahead of the release, Casey is presenting the album’s first single, “Banga” (feat. Dabow), which releases worldwide across streaming platforms on November 5.


01. Militant
02. TV Room
03. Jaded
04. Banga (feat. Dabow)
05. Ransack (Interlude)
06. Slice
07. Pac Man
08. Playlust
09. Plymouth (feat. Chee)

Flora & Fauna LP is out November 22.