He’s been called a lot of things in his varied broken beat/house/drum & bass music career: Sonar Circle, Umod, Rima, Chaka Domu, and just plain Domu. One thing the artist known as Dominick Stanton hasn’t been called until now: hitched! Stanton tied the knot recently, and celebrated like any good electronic musician by launching a new label and releasing a digital EP.

TrebleO is now the home for all things Domu on the Net, and he’s sharing the space with a roster of new artists, including vocalist Nicola Kramer, and producers Shift, Soza, and Marin.

As for the The Wedding EP, it features two new songs and two classics that have been previously unavailable for download. The EP includes a little of everything, from tuff’ scattered snares to smooth deep house tracks. The TrebleO online store will continue to offer fans advance downloads (high quality 320kps MP3’s, suitable for MP3 players and computers, as well as club use) of new material months before the other digital shops get it.

And although Stanton began experimenting with broken beats in 1999, his drum & bass side hasn’t been mothballed. Rather, he’s revised his Sonar Circle moniker (a staple of Dego’s Reinforced roster) and has brought forth seven drum & bass tracks for the TrebleO album Unreleased 1996-06. A man known for bringing big tunes, big bass, and big innovation does it again.

The Wedding EPis out now on TrebleO.