A few weeks ago, some serious storms hit the greater Chicago area, flooding a good portion of that region, and subsequently destroying a lot of people’s property. Record label Graveface—which releases, among other bands, Black Mother Super Rainbow and Xiu Xiu side-project Blue Water White Death—was one such victim of the natural disaster (over half of its unsold product was ruined, as seen above), and is looking to fans and supporters of good music everywhere to help it get back on its feet. In the words of Graveface label head Ryan Manon, “There will be multiple tiers according to the amount of money [you donate]. Each tier gets you something for free and a raffle ticket number (your Paypal transaction ID number). On October 16, I’ll have a drawing by way of printing the ID numbers—per tier—and drawing them out of a hat, old school style (I will try to do the drawing live via web stream if I can figure it out).” You can read more about the damages, donating, and prizes (which, like it or not, includes a cup Jamie Stewart’s piss) here.