Donato Dozzy makes his debut solo appearance on New York label The Bunker next month with a new EP, entitled Squadra Quadra. “If there’s one artist in particular whose sound and vision has had an outsize impact on The Bunker, both as a party and as a record label, it would be Donato Dozzy,” a press text reads. The upcoming two-tracker is billed as classic techno, and can be previewed below before it drops in March. Another EP from fellow Bunker regular Patrick Russell is also on the way, which finds the Detroit-bred Brooklynite remixing a trio of techno cuts from Clay Wilson, Romans (the duo of Tin Man and Gunnar Haslam), and Zemi17. The 12″ is due to land around the same time as Dozzy’s, and can also be previewed below.

Donato Dozzy, Squadra Quadra
A Quadra Sette
B Quadra Nove

Patrick Russell, The Bunker Remixes
A Clay Wilson – E4 (Patrick Russell Remix)
B1 Romans – Coptos (Patrick Russell Remix)
B2 Zemi17 – Rangda (Patrick Russell Remix)