Brighton club night-turned-record label Donky Pitch is celebrating its second year as a label today, giving away a massive bundle of tracks for free download. So far, the relatively young imprint has released seven solid records from respectable artists, including London’s hip-hop mutant Slugabed and power duo Fluro Black (a.k.a. ARP 101 and Elliott Yorke). Over the years, both the club night and label have effectively championed the sound of skweee, which is represented in full on this gratis offering of the label’s first five records. Until 12 p.m. GMT tomorrow, you can cop tunes from Slugabed, Niño, V.C., 813, and Keyboard Kid—not to mention remixes from the likes of Kelpe, Offshore, and Mweslee—at Donky Pitch’s Bandcamp for a “name your price” donation, which includes a $0.00 option.