It seems like Dublin’s Donnacha Costello has had a rough time of it in recent years; luckily, he has channeled these emotional peaks and troughs into wildly dense tech-house on his upcoming Poker Flat release, Before We Say Goodbye. With the slowed Detroit feeling of tracks like “It’s What We Do” mixed up with the dancefloor lushness of “Stretching Time,” Costello has crafted an album of emotional resonance unparalleled in his oeuvre, firmly placing himself in the ranks of other teardrop techno producers like Superpitcher and Lawrence.

Before We Say Goodbye comes out March 15 on Poker Flat.


1. Leaving Berlin
2. A Warm Embrace
3. It’s What We Do
4. No-one is Watching
5. Roll it Out
6. With Me Still
7. Stretching Time
8. The Tug
9. Last Train Home