Dopplereffekt will release another album this April.

Cellular Automata is the next full-length by Detroit electro duo Gerald Donald and To-Nhan (better known as Dopplereffekt). The nine-tracker will be released on Berlin’s Leisure System, an imprint that the pair has already been involved with for a few years, most recently putting out a split EP with Objekt back in 2014.

Followers of Donald, the artist who was formerly one half of Drexciya alongside the late James Stinson, have already received several treats this year. As well as Warp‘s reissue of The Other People Place’s Lifestyles of The Laptop Cafe, Clone will repress Sunday Night Live At The Laptop Cafe and Drexciya’s Grava 4 LP.

Cellular Automata is due out April 7. Head to the Leisure System site for more information.


A1. Cellular Automata
A2. Von Neumann Probe
A3. Gestalt Intelligence
A4. Isotropy
A5. Pascal’s Recursion
B1. Ulams Spiral
B2. Mandelbrot Set
B3. Spirangle
B4. Exponential Decay