Surfacing for its first transmission since 2007, mysterious Detroit outfit Dopplereffekt has shared the details of its forthcoming Tetrahymena EP, which is set to arrive later this month via Leisure System. The Berlin label seems to have coaxed the duo of Drexciya co-founder Gerald Donald and his unnamed female comrade out of hiding for three cuts of uneasy bass, stark electro beats, and all-around abrasive waveforms delivered in true post-apocalyptic fashion. Dopplereffekt will usher in Tetrahymena‘s release on September 30 with two rare live sets—one for Leisure System’s Amsterdam party on September 27, and a slot at Bloc in London the following night. Before then, the tracklist and artwork for Dopplereffekt’s upcoming EP can be found below.

A1: Tetrahymena
B1: Gene Silencing
B2: Zygote